Black Root Tonic

Blood Nourisher. High in Iron phosphate and other minerals that nourish and strengthen the body.

Black Purge Tonic

A mild colon cleanse that helps with the removal of mucus as well as decalcification.

Black Wood Tonic

Libido and Vascular Support.

Lung Lung Root

Sleep aid and Lung health.

Eldermoss Syrup

Immune Booster and support.

Mija Children’s Tonic

This children's blend was made to simultaneously stimulate and ease the brain and central nervous system.

Black Flower Capsules

Endocrine regulation and support.

Vitamin Seasun Capsules

Winter Nutrition: Vitamin C, D3, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc.

Eldermoss Capsules

Immune Booster and support.

Black pHood Capsules

Chlorophyll Dense and Full Spectrum Nutrition for the Entire Body.
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I have to admit that I wasn’t buying the claims of this product. But after trying it for one month I will keep ordering more. It’s great, and all the claims about the menstrual cycle were right on. This product has saved me a ton of money.

Victoria Josey

Satisfied Customer


Finally got my package yesterday, the wait was long but worth ever bit of it. Now my carvings have subside and I’am on my way to having more energy to do more while becoming healthier each day.

Kandice Strong

Satisfied Customer


“This is from my 65 year old who struggles with her memory! She loves your product and so do I!”

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