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6 reviews for New Subscriptions

  1. Jackie williams

    I love this product for and my family …. Great .

  2. Lorenzo Sutton (verified owner)

    I am The Honorable Lorenzo Sutton, instagram @lorenzosofficial

    Today September 1, 2021 I became a subscriber because I hadn’t ordered BRT in a few months and ran out. Because of that I ended up being admitted into the hospital for a sickle cell crisis August 21st, 2021 and my iron levels drops to 5.4. Since 2019 I was doing fine, and since using BRT my I have not had anemia I wasn’t even cold anymore I’ve jogged through a Chicago blizzard off of BRT in real life! If you have sickle cell, it is the extreme deprivation of iron fluorine and this product will restore your iron levels in no time and you won’t even have any crisis anymore. We have crisis because IRON is at the center of every cell, no iron, no oxygen, and that equals pain and eventually necrosis. I am praying now that my Avascular necrosis in my hips & slightly in my shoulders is fully healed. Once my residual income increases I will have my kids tonic, the black wood tonic & elderberry on monthly subscription. I’m thankful for God sending this brother, thankful I found @OGWizardry he has truly helped me find a new outlook on a LONG life because they told me this disease would kill me by age 44 & I’m about to be 33. Do your research, if you smoke & have sickle cell STOP IT!!. I received the stem cell transplant with a half match and was told it failed. So I KNEW it was the tonic that kept me out of the hospital ALL WINTER which has never happened in my life! I will leave another review in the spring and let you all know if I make it through winter with no crisis I don’t take ANY supplements anymore as we should get ALL of our vitamins and minerals from our food and the fruits have everything we need, BEST thing for us to eat is RIPE fruit, peace and love and trusting that you are healed of whatever because of these products, stay consistent!

  3. Marilyn Coney

    I am going to try these products and I just feel that they will be beautiful.
    Thank you, Marilyn

  4. Takari Brinson

    🗣Y’all amazing☀🏹

  5. Andreneka WilliamsThomas

    I travel from Memphis, TN to ATL to get this, that alone is enough said. Thank you King and may you keep on prospering.

  6. Uniique

    My daughter shared a bottle of the BlackRoot Tonic in 2019, I found it to be very good in warding off colds etc and I felt so balanced! So it’s 2021 I’m going to order this for myself and go for it!
    Ty Triple OG for this product!

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