1. What does it taste like?

Very Bitter.

2. Do you use alcohol in your products?


3. Can I mix it in my smoothies?

Yes, but it can and will lose potency when not taken as directed.

4. Can I use the microwave if I want to drink it warm?

Nothing should be heated in the microwave unless in an emergency. Instead you heat up Spring water and pour the shot into it along with lime to drink as a tea.

5. Can other ethnicities benefit from it?

Yes, of course.

6. Do I have to be a Vegan to achieve it benefits?

Not at all. However it is preferred and will assimilate into the body with the utmost effectiveness.

7. Are there any known side effects?

Yes. Frequent visits to the restroom.

8. What diseases do the tonics cure?

None. Prevention is better than the cure and prevent is what these products are designed to do by nature.

9. What is the expectant time frame for delivery after making a purchase?

Based on the order, the turnaround time for processing is usually at least 6 weeks before shipping out with a Priority Mailing service. We look forward to cutting down turnaround time in the near future with new systems in place. Please Note: Tracking numbers aren’t issued until the product is ready to be bottled and packaged.

10. What are Monthly Subscriptions?

Long-term consumers who are benefiting from these products use Monthly Subscriptions to eliminate the need to come to the site to order every month. To subscribe, you will need a PayPal account.  PayPal bills you monthly on the same date as a subscriber and your original order is then automatically added to our list to be processed.  Orders will be shipped separately and chronologically.

11. Why do you ignore our questions?

I never ignore questions. I have hundreds of DMs and emails making it not only impossible for me to answer but even if I were to attempt to, the production of the products would decrease further. I’m usually only on IG when I’m ready to post or when I’m looking for something in particular. Once again, with the new administrative process in place, I look forward to devoting more time to Q&A via the Order Tracking (Contact) form.

12. Is there Auto-tracking?

The top of the Contact form allows consumers to track the status of their order using their PayPal Transaction ID. When the Tracking Numbers are available, the purchaser will be notified via email and then can proceed to retrieve their Tracking Number via this site on the aforementioned form.

13. Do you ship outside the United States?


14. How do I take the Black Flower Capsules and how long will they last?

Take 3-4 capsules daily followed by 16oz of spring water. Capsules will last you for about a month.

15. How do I take the Black Root Tonic?

One shot glass/2-3oz upon awakening followed by 16oz of spring water. Keep refrigerated.

16. How do I take the Black Purge Tonic?

3-4oz daily chased by 16oz of spring water. Keep refrigerated.

17. How do I take the MIJA?

3 tablespoons followed by 8oz of spring water. Keep refrigerated.

18. Can adults benefit from MIJA?

Yes but it contains less potent herbs needed to combat the long-term effects of unhealthy/sedentary lifestyles. If taste is the real issue, keep a cut lime nearby and get BRT instead!

19. Can I take the Black Root Tonic, Purge, and Black Flower Capsules at the same time and /or same day?

Yes, you can but just drink plenty of water.

20. Is there an expiration date on the tonics?

The tonics will stay fresh for three (3) months, starting the day you first open the jar. Being that the tonics are to remain refrigerated and are best ingested warm, one suggestion would be to ration out your shot(s), cover and leave out the night before so that you can take it first thing in the morning.

21. I received an email with my tracking number. Why isn’t there any information coming up in

When the shipping labels and packing slips are printed online, an automated email containing the Tracking Number is sent to the recipient. However, you won’t get tracking info until the package is physically scanned in at the post office. The receipt of the Tracking Number is indicative of your package’s near-future arrival.